April 2, 2018

""My Slice" is my favorite local pizza stop!! In fact, it is my favorite pizza stop period! I highly recommend the specialty southwest pizzas...the Al Pastor is amazing and I am always excited to see the evolving seasonal dishes. Also highly impressed with Randy the owner, who brings passion and hard work to this great pizza stop. Thanks!!"
December 21, 2017

"Not only does the pizza get 5 stars but the services does as well. This is only the 3rd I’ve felt the need to give an online review but this place definitely deserves it. Last time my girlfriend and I went there Randy was extremely nice and helpful; and at the end of our meal he gave us a free slice of their new gingerbread cheesecake. I have yet to have a slice of pizza there I didn’t like. Not to mention, the Carne Asada and Al Pastor pizzas are [email protected]&!/?g amazing."
November 9, 2017

very delicious!

"This place is awesome!! Super kid friendly, games and a fun staff. Very accommodating and engaged service. The owner seems like a great guy, he brought out dough for the kids to play with and then baked it for them. We got the southwest veggie pizza, lots of flavor and very delicious! We'll be back with our friends soon!"
November 9, 2017

Great NY style pizza

"I have been looking for traditional east coast style pizza since I have moved out here. They have nailed it, also if you want to kick it up a little try the southwest style pizza sauce."
November 6, 2017

"I keep thinking I’m going to take a picture of these delicious pizzas to post, but we immediately dig in, and there’s one price left. Love this pizza, fresh ingredients, and plenty of them "