August 27, 2018

"Pizza is something that is hard to find - it doesn't fit easily into a category. It isn't New York Style or Chicago or wood-fired. It is something wholly its own and wholly amazing and delicious. The Al Pastor is a revelation. The wings are also legit. "
August 9, 2018

"OMG!!! Amazing pizza and wings!! Would recommend to anyone who likes to try/eat pizza that’s a little outside of “the box”. "
July 5, 2018


"5 Stars & Top Shelf. I started with a 2.00 Slice of cheese pizza and have not looked back. Everything on this menu is exceptional, from the salads to the pizza and the sandwiches are so good. They even have a vegan sandwich. Randy is also a really great all round nice guy. I will always get my pizza here. "
April 2, 2018

""My Slice" is my favorite local pizza stop!! In fact, it is my favorite pizza stop period! I highly recommend the specialty southwest pizzas...the Al Pastor is amazing and I am always excited to see the evolving seasonal dishes. Also highly impressed with Randy the owner, who brings passion and hard work to this great pizza stop. Thanks!!"
December 21, 2017

"Not only does the pizza get 5 stars but the services does as well. This is only the 3rd I’ve felt the need to give an online review but this place definitely deserves it. Last time my girlfriend and I went there Randy was extremely nice and helpful; and at the end of our meal he gave us a free slice of their new gingerbread cheesecake. I have yet to have a slice of pizza there I didn’t like. Not to mention, the Carne Asada and Al Pastor pizzas are [email protected]&!/?g amazing."