October 5, 2018

Al Pastor

"The Al Pastor IS the BEST pizza you'll ever have."
August 27, 2018

"Pizza is something that is hard to find - it doesn't fit easily into a category. It isn't New York Style or Chicago or wood-fired. It is something wholly its own and wholly amazing and delicious. The Al Pastor is a revelation. The wings are also legit. "
August 9, 2018

"OMG!!! Amazing pizza and wings!! Would recommend to anyone who likes to try/eat pizza that’s a little outside of “the box”. "
July 5, 2018


"5 Stars & Top Shelf. I started with a 2.00 Slice of cheese pizza and have not looked back. Everything on this menu is exceptional, from the salads to the pizza and the sandwiches are so good. They even have a vegan sandwich. Randy is also a really great all round nice guy. I will always get my pizza here. "
April 2, 2018

""My Slice" is my favorite local pizza stop!! In fact, it is my favorite pizza stop period! I highly recommend the specialty southwest pizzas...the Al Pastor is amazing and I am always excited to see the evolving seasonal dishes. Also highly impressed with Randy the owner, who brings passion and hard work to this great pizza stop. Thanks!!"